Natal Chart Analysis + 12-Month Forecast (90+ Minutes):  $225

After this reading, you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of what your natal chart reveals about all facets of your life, including your traits, strengths, gifts, challenges, and the path you’re being invited to follow. If you wish, we’ll focus on the life areas that are most important to you (such as career, finances, or relationships). You’ll also learn how to leverage your astrological forecast for the upcoming year (including major transits, progressions, and eclipses), with precise time frames and practical guidance for how you can make the most of the upcoming year.

In-Depth Forecast (60 Minutes)(Returning Clients Only):  $195

In this session, we will focus on a deep dive into your annual astrological forecast, including major transits, progressions, eclipses, and your Solar return chart.

Packages (Initial Reading Plus Follow-Up Sessions):  $625-825

These packages are designed to allow us to work together on a deeper level over a prescribed timeframe. We can use the follow-up sessions as you see fit. For example, we can discuss the upcoming new or full Moons and the aspects they’ll make in your chart, or the upcoming influence of Venus and Mars. Or perhaps you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of certain natal placements.  We’ll design the sessions to be most meaningful to you.

Initial Session (New Client) Plus 3 45-Minute Follow-Up Sessions (must be used within six months):  $625

Initial Session (New Client) plus 6 45-Minute Follow-Up Sessions (must be used within one year):  $825

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