Hi, I’m Jenny

I’ve been learning astrology since high school, but it was only in the past few years that I began to recognize it as my calling in this lifetime. While I’ve had a long legal career, over time I began to yearn for greater meaning and purpose. Astrology has always given me a sense of wholeness, a way to put my life in perspective, and an understanding of the larger patterns at play in seemingly random events. When I gave myself permission to really pursue my passion for astrology, a path forward unfolded naturally and with much less effort that I might have imagined. I found a tremendous mentor in renowned predictive astrologer Debra Anne Clement, and successfully completed her three-level certification program. I am proud to be one of only a few astrologers to date to be certified by Debra.

It’s an honor to be trusted with a client’s natal chart. Your reading is approached with care, preparation, and a genuine desire to be of service. Your reading promises to be accessible, useful, fun, and full of meaningful guidance for working with both your natal potential and the upcoming energies.

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