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If you are here, I’m willing to bet that you know there’s more to life than meets the eye. You may know that you’re here for a purpose, but perhaps you can’t put your finger on what it is. Maybe you’re “living the dream” from the perspective of the outside world, but feel like your soul is being crushed by the ho-hum details of your existence. You know that you’re meant for more.

I get you. Let’s investigate how to bring more meaning, joy, and purpose into your life. You were born with a unique blueprint that shows your personality traits, character, tendencies, strengths, gifts, challenges, and opportunities for soul growth. You can work with that blueprint–otherwise known as your natal chart–to align with your true nature, grow into your potential, and share your gifts and talents with the world. You can learn the times that are likely to activate your natal potential and allow you to step into who you are truly meant to be. You always have free will, and we all face bumps and detours along the way. But by becoming aware of your unique blueprint, you can work consciously with it to be the best version of yourself. I’d be honored to help you do so.


“Before working with Jenny, I knew nothing about astrology or my chart. Jenny put me immediately at ease in our session and clearly had done a tremendous amount of preparation. Her fluency with astrology was matched by her ability to explain it to me in simple terms that help me understand. She especially confirmed that I am in alignment with my career house and what I am doing in my work, especially in my business. She also has been instrumental in helping me understand the implications of my chart regarding my marriage. This has been invaluably helpful. I highly recommend anyone work with Jenny, especially if they want to understand more about their strengths and to have a career that aligns with their natural gifts and callings.”

Elena D., New York

“My chart reading with Jenny was so insightful. She articulated many aspects of my personality that I knew about myself deep down, but hadn’t fully realized or appreciated. She identified important themes in my life and connected them to questions I had about my career and purpose. Jenny taught me some about how astrology works through the reading, which sparked my own interest in learning more about astrology and led to me taking a class with Jenny. Jenny is a great teacher in addition to being a brilliant and intuitive astrologer. “

Kendall H., Los Angeles

“When I hired Jenny to read my chart, I didn’t know what to expect. But Jenny spent over 90 minutes explaining my natal chart to me and made some incredible and shocking observations about me that had me saying, “How did you know that?!” frequently. Jenny has the best demeanor and made me feel comfortable and supported even while we were exploring uncomfortable topics. I really enjoyed hearing about the key dates Jenny noticed affecting my chart–many of which have been completely accurate! For instance, Jenny said that a few weeks after our reading my financial situation would change for the better, and sure enough, around the date she predicted I got a significant (and unexpected) raise at work! I highly recommend Jenny. I plan to do a reading with her once a year because I was blown away by what I learned!”

Olivia B., Los Angeles

“Jenny is a fantastic astrologer because she knows her stuff, and more importantly because it brightens her up inside and her insights are filled with that light.”

Saren G., New York

“Jenny is incredible at what she does! She is very intuitive and kind, making you feel very comfortable during the session. She also clearly has vast expertise in astrology and communicates so much detail very effectively. I’ve looked back at our reading many times and been completely amazed by how many key dates she got right. Don’t hesitate to schedule a reading with her! It’ll help you foresee and plan ahead for what’s to come.”

Nathalie F., San Francisco

“My reading with Jenny came at a time when I was searching for both clarity and direction in my life, with emphasis on career and finance. Jenny delivered a reading that resonated far above and beyond anything I was expecting. She provided substantial information including mile markers to watch for in the coming year in an incredibly compassionate way that put me immediately at ease. Several “a-ha” moments left me wtih multiple tangibles to consider as I look to the coming year and beyond. Just what I needed!”

Rachael M., Portland

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